The Story thus far ...

Five friends venture deep into the woods on a weekend long camping trip. Forced onto a detour by a military roadblock, they take an alternate route to their initial destination. After a night of revelry, four of the campers embark on a morning swim, leaving one of their members alone back at camp.

The horror they discover upon their return to camp will not prepare them for the chaos about to unfold.

After being captured by an elite military unit, accidentally marched into a literal battle with the undead and being forced away from their only chance at safety, the remaining survivors flee through the woods to discover a secret that holds the most horrifying revelation of all ...


Film Stills:: Pre-production Film Still Slide Show


Exclusive Interview with Karen Scioli
(aka, Stella, horror hostess of Saturday Night Dead

Exclusive Interview with Mike Christopher Berhosky
(aka, the Hare Krishna Zombie from Dawn of the Dead)

Lancaster Intelligencer Journal Interview with the Directors
Interview with film directors: Dustin Bennett and Troy Collins
Interview with special effects artist : Marnie Adam
Moviesonline Flesh Crawl page

Written and Directed by: Dustin Bennett and Troy Collins, courtesy of 50 B.C. Productions

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